Proofreading: The President Will Thank You for It

Writing stories worthy of newspaper print is actually quite challenging and journalists deserve much more credit than they get. Capturing an audience’s attention takes real skill and journalistic flair but, if all else fails, our budding reporters have the option to forgo a proofreading service and make headlines for completely different reasons. This particular gem proves that sometimes just one small letter really can make all the difference.

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5 Things Angry Birds can Teach You About Writing English Well

writing english well with angry birdsUnless you’ve been lost on a desert island somewhere for the last 12 months, you can’t fail to have heard about Angry Birds, an animated game about disgruntled birds retaliating against malevolent egg-stealing pigs.

On face value, Angry Birds may seem like a complete and utter waste of time, albeit a fun one. However, if you pay close attention, you may find that you can actually learn something as you furiously battle to gain custody of those eggs.

After a great deal of research and analysis (i.e., hours spent playing every single version of Angry Birds that Rovio have to offer), I realized that these pig-bludgeoning birds and evil little livestock can actually teach us a great deal about writing English well.

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Grammar and Spelling Tips for Business Signs, Menus and Cards

Business sign grammar and spellingWhen you print a sign, menu, card, or other written document for your business, you should pay attention to the grammar and spelling contained within your communication. Well-written marketing material may not necessarily impress customers, but error-riddled writing that has not been checked by a professional proofreading and editing service can certainly make would-be buyers go somewhere else.

These tips will help you to attract buyers and give your customers the best possible impression of your business.

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Sentence Corrector

Picture of cover letter for resumesAre you looking for a sentence corrector?

Composing perfect English is not always easy, even for native English speakers. Regardless of how advanced your grasp of written English is, it is totally normal for people to make simple errors when writing documents. However, the majority of readers tend to have very little sympathy for people who do make mistakes and it can often seriously detract from your credibility—especially if you are applying for a job, trying to win new business, writing an essay or dissertation, or communicating important instructions.

Vappingo’s sentence corrector service is specifically designed to proofread and edit sentences and short paragraphs in order to ensure that they do not contain any grammar, vocabulary, punctuation or spelling mistakes.

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Sentence Fixer by Humans, For Humans

Do you need a sentence fixer?

Writing correct English can make a significant difference to how you are perceived as a viable business, professional or job candidate. While many people have a good grasp of written English, they regularly make simple mistakes that undermine their credibility.

Vappingo’s sentence fixer service is specifically designed to check sentences and short paragraphs for grammar, vocabulary, and structural integrity, and to quickly correct any mistakes.

How our sentence checking services can help you:

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