A Massive Compilation of the Most Horrendous English Translations Ever Recorded by Man

As the world gets smaller, the art of translation becomes all the more imperative to our ability to communicate with the people on the other side of the world whom we don’t really like but will tolerate because they are not Canadian. Thankfully, when a non-native speaker of a language translates something, there is always the danger that they will get it massively wrong. The badly translated English language signs just keep coming and coming and we gloatingly sit by and take pride in our apparent supremacy. Praise the Lord for Google Translate!

Bad Japanese translation: sign warning against throwing cigarettes
Source: ratestogo.com


Sign reads: "be aware of invisibility"
Source: Hella Heaven


Badly translated sign makes no sense.
Source: Poor But Happy


Dog fouling sign badly translated
Source: Legacy…


Sign reads: "flowers are lovely care her and not pick up"
Source: Flickr


Translation from Chinese into English is very poor
Source: 8asians.com


Very bad translation just doesn't make sense
Source: thechive.com


Bad translation misuses alternative word for chicken
Source: Turkish Tefl


Sign reads: "translate server error"
Source. Kera.name


Sign reads: "go back toward your behind"
Source: sprungangel.com


Terrible translation about a tape worm
Source: Allee Willis


Badly translated sign tells vehicle owner not to touch themselves
Source: Flickr


Sign reads: Office of mayhem evaluation
Source: humorsharing.com


Sign reads: "mang out"
Source: Flickr
Sign reads: "jump of the cliff"
Source: awesomeoff.com


Sign reads: "because you are dangerous you must not enter"
Source: boingboing.net


badly translated sign contains swear word
Source: awesomeoff.com


Sign for male toilet is mistranslated
Source: Awesomeoff.com


Chinese tourist sign translation
Source: China is calling

Looking for more? Take a look at the worst translation ever written.

Sign reads: "you lady will push this button before leaving"
Source: The Translator Blog


Terrible sign full of translation mistakes
Source: Flickr


Sign reads: "don't fall down"
Source: Euro London’s Blog


Translation gone very wrong
Source: SMB Savings

Have you seen any bad English translations? Leave a comment and tell us about them.

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Possibly the Most Important Missing Space of All Time

Forget gender planning, that is so yesterday. No, these days disruptive innovation is conquering new heights, and now your local neighborhood crèche brings you the latest in kindergarten gender reassignment surgery. If you got a boy and were desperately hoping for a sweet little girl, fear not. Drop your kid off here for the day and after a quick snip snip and some painstaking feminizing genitoplasty, you will have the beautiful little princess you always dreamed of.

Sign reads: "Kidsexchange" instead of Kid's exchange

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Splendidly Smug Cover Letter That May Not Bode Well for Your Job Prospects

This totally outlandish cover letter is actually quite inspiring. On face value, it actually checks all the boxes: grabs attention (check), focuses on why the candidate is different (double check) and avoids cliché phrases that have no real substance (mega-check). However, it’s safe to say that this type of letter isn’t going to get you a job… unless you want to work for Vappingo; seriously, this guy sounds like exactly what we’ve been looking for.

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Office Manager Chelsea cover letter

Via Useless Humor

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19 Signs That Prove That McDonald’s Employees are Morons

Perhaps it’s the proximity to unidentified chemical foodstuffs that poisons the brain, or maybe the inane repetition of the same tired phrases has slowly driven them all mad. Regardless, you would think that the billions of dollars this major corporation garners from the billions of worshippers of those golden arches, that they could afford to pay someone with basic grammar skills … you would think!

Here are 19 of the most ridiculous errors we have ever had the pleasure of seeing… We’re lovin’ it!

P.S. No offense to McDonald’s staff intended, it’s your colleague we’re referring to, not you.



Sign reads Anus burger instead of angus burger

Sign reads: "start your morning with a sausage in yo but"

Sign mistake made by Mcdonalds

Sign reads: No boy toys available

Sign reads: "this is a 'non-smoking' restaurant"

Mcdonalds sign hung incorrectly

Two Mcdonalds signs side by side give incorrect information

Completely misspelled mcdonalds sign

Mcdonalds sign reads incorrectly

Mcdonalds sign fail

Mcdonalds sign reads: "cloused sorre"

Incorrectly spelled McDonalds sign

Sign reads: "Congradulantions class of 2010"


Sign reads: "No sagging allowed in this restaurant"


Sign reads: "Try our new asians"


Misspelt macdonalds sign


Grammatically incorrect Mcdonald's sign


Mcdonald's spelling fail


Mcdonald's sell sweat tea

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Is it Really Possible to be this Stupid?

One disappointed would-be teacher just can’t believe that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts actually dared to refuse her entry to a teacher training program. It seems that she completely failed her tests for educator licensure.

I, for the life of me, cannot fathom why they would refuse such a fine literacy perfectionist. If she failed a question about chocolate, God knows how she would have fared if she had undergone a grammar test.

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40 Ridiculously Cringeworthy Mistakes That Prove Punctuation and Proofreading Matter

Grammar mistakes: "sadly the days of using proper grammar are went"Failing to use a punctuation mark, using it in the wrong place, or failing to proofread is one of the most effective methods of transforming a great piece of writing into something that sucks.

These absolutely delightful examples of the way in which punctuation can completely change the meaning of an intended message, are cringeworthy, but brilliant. These guys deserve medals for turning otherwise dull and mundane signs into something that we can all have a laugh at. Editing and proofreading really does matter!

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The 15 Lamest Excuses for Spelling Mistakes on Facebook Ever Conceived

If you love nothing better than a laugh at other people’s mistakes, look no further than the world’s largest social network. Some of these people haven’t actually made a mistake, though; it seems they have an excuse for their esteemed ignoramus status. It matters not that these excuses are as ridiculous as a glow-in-the-dark toilet seat…

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Why You Should Never Diss Your Teacher on Facebook, Especially if You Can’t Spell

This guy was clearly not a fan of either grammar lessons or his grammar teacher at school. Shame really; a bit more concentration in class could well have prevented him from looking like a prize idiot in front of all his Facebook friends… go Mrs. Johanson!

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Quite Possibly the Worst Letter Ever Sent From a School Teacher

This letter was sent from none other than the Director of Curriculum from a city public school in Alabama. Full of unnecessary quotation marks, spelling mistakes, and absolutely appalling sentence structure, this must be one of the worst letters ever sent from a teacher to the pupils’ parents in the history of formal educational establishments.

He may have been shedding tears of joy, we are shedding tears of dismay!

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